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Solar system installers

We can provide you with various solar system options that can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your current electric bill.

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With the entire solar panel craze now and we hearing a lot that it really saves money, we finally decided to install them. I was referred by a friend to this company and they installed the panels very efficiently. Everything works wonderful now and I’ll be telling everybody about them.

Niko Levis

Since we’d our solar panels installed for a year now, I will say that everything is working wonderful. This year we even got to claim the taxes and refund made it much better. Thanks a lot guys.

Kim Sen

We had been considering to go solar for quite some time, but felt that it wasn’t the right time.  A few months back, we decided to finally go for it.  Contacted. This company.  They’ve the most efficient solar panels, and that’s what we were actually looking for.  I would certainly recommend them.

Racheal Fernandez

Just installed our next project with this company - they did such an excellent work on our first home 3 years ago, we just didn't think even twice about hiring them again for our new home’ solar installation!  They did a superb job and communication has been wonderful at all points. I absolutely recommend this company.

Analee Hills

After doing 3 years' of research, we contracted this company to install 38 solar panels on our own roof.  We couldn’t be happier with outcome of our project.From the start, our Consultant was very well-informed, and patient in explaining everything to us.  They are a highly reputable and professional local business with very competitive pricing, responsive and knowledgeable design consultants, courteous and professional installation team, and excellent customer services.  We would recommend this great company highly to anyone.

Bret Wilson

Let me AZ this review is honest representation of interaction I’d with this company and that I’m not getting any kind of monetary compensation. This is a company that you can rely on and they will guarantee to take complete care of their client.

Siri Taylor

Had a great experience with this solar installation company. The installation process went very smoothly in a very timely way. We were offered a choice of the solar panels showing cost and quality we would prefer unlike the other solar companies that just gave an estimate for the cheapest type to just get us in. Client service always was superb, my calls, texts & emails were given quick attention always.  

Corey Yak

They were professional, very informative and communicative throughout the entire process. Their workmanship was top class, the installation went on-time and all went smoothly.

Albert Wills

After seriously reviewing three proposals with the leading solar companies, we chose this company.  The installation was done timely, done as promised, and very professional workmanship all through the job.  I got cmplete transparency without hidden charges.  The whole team was very knowledgeable and pleasure to deal with.

Simon Sen

The solar installation process was painless and fast with this company. It took one week only to go from the deposit to installation. These guys also handled inspection and the entire PG&E paperwork. I was very happy with the outcome. Would recommend this company to any one who want to go solar.

Omer Hamilton