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Solar system installers

We can provide you with various solar system options that can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your current electric bill.

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Our solar panels blend into roof with integrated front skirts & no visible mounting hardware Which gives streamlined look.


Our Powerwall charges with energy produced by solar panels, making that energy available when needed, day or night.


Our solar system produces clean power, integrate seamlessly with Powerwall, and help you control your energy costs.

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Customized Solar Solutions

We provide customised renewable energy solutions in the areas of Solar rooftop, Solar Hybrid and other renewable energy solutions.

Some of our services include:

  • Solar Rooftop
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Solar Hybrid Wind Energy

Green Solar Panels Surprise

Worried about high amount bills? Frustrated about the power usage at your home? Don't worry, Solar Panels Surprise has bought an amazing solution. An idea which will relieve you from the stress of paying high amount bills. Our company deals with solar panels. We are selling panels since a long period of time. We have saved a large amount of money by providing solar panels. Solar power is the cheapest source of energy. It is abundant in nature. Sun is the free source for producing power. The amount it generates in a day can be used by all the people across the globe. Solar panels are a way to use this resource.
Solar panels have solar cells. These cells are the main source for solar power. A large number of cells are attached in solar panels. These cells are covered with two layers. The layers protects the solar cells against damages. The covering is done in the form of a sandwich. Solar panels trap sun rays through solar cells. The cells generates DC from these rays. Many things doesn't work on DC. To use this power, DC is converted to AC. This is done through an inverter. Not all the power created by the sun can be used. A solar system contains a grid. This grid stores the extra power. It makes you use the power anytime during the day. Our solar panels are perfect for your home & office. You can relax once our panels are fitted at your rooftop. You can choose any thing you want to cover with your solar panel. After it's fitting, you can use those things without any worries. Solar panels doesn't let you sacrifice your power usage. It helps you use power in a cheaper rate.
Surprise Solar Panels provides the best systems. With us, you will feel the change. The services we provide can't be compared with other dealers. We are best in town. Our store has all types of solar panels. Our employees make our services different than others. We have hired experienced employees. They helps us in innovating and creating the best. We always test our systems before packaging. It makes sure that the system works properly. We provide free delivery services. We never charge extra for system delivery. It is included in our services. Our rates are less as compare to other dealers. Even a common man can afford our systems. We provide number of discounts. Special discounts are provided for buying a system from us for the first time. We also provide discounts for people coming to us with a reference. You will always pay less with us.
We are not only known for dealing. Our company also have fitting services. Whether you already have a system or you bought one from us, we will be there for fitting. You just have to call us on our number. We will be there by half an hour. And if we don't we will work for free. We work until you are happy with our services. Even when we are gone after the fitting, you are free to call again. We will re-work for you. Solar Energy Surprise AZ works 24*7 to serve you better. Weekends or holidays, we are always available for your service. Our employees carry everything required for fitting with them. They will not burden you for anything. You never have to worry about the mess. Our workers clean all the mess created by them. Their experience makes them fit the system quickly and perfectly. You will never have fitting issues with us.

Solar Panels

Solar Water Heater

Solar Street Lighting Repair

Solar Rooftop

Use Solar Panels Surprise AZ, and be the cause of a safe environment. The electriSurprise creating sources are harmful for nature. It is one of the causes of global warming. Our panels are designed such that it doesn't harm the nature. Solar panels are an eco friendly way for making power. We aim to make people aware about solar power. This not only relieves you free from paying much but also saves the nature.
Solar panels are a one time investment for many years. You should always opt a brand which provides best systems. Our systems our durable and efficient. Compromising on quality is not our cup of tea. We have the best systems in the market. We have a variety of panels. Whether it's about type, budget or capaSurprise our range will always fulfil your demands. Solar Energy Surprise provides a seven days change policy. If you don't feel satisfied with the product, you can get it changed. We provide one year free servicing. Bills are provided whenever you buy from us. It makes sure about your warranty and guarantee periods.
It usually happens that before buying you just check out the varieties. After searching a number of systems you buy the one which fits your list. But once the seller realises that you are here on a survey he doesn't shows interest in showing. This is not a way to treat customers. Surprise Solar Energy will always provide knowledge about the system. There no compulsion of buying. You don't have to buy until you are happy. To know about systems you are free to visit our store. You can come any time you want to.
We have an website. It helps you to know about us even while sitting at your home. If you want checkout about our systems, visit the website. You can also book us for fitting. All you need is good internet speed. We always ask for reviews from our customers. All the reviews given by them is written on the site. You can read them before you buy from us. Their 5star ratings will let you out of all the doubts.
So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money. Buy your solar panel and relieve yourself from the stress. To know more about our services, call us! One of our employees will be there to assist you. They know how to handle even worse situation.Choose Solar Contractors Surprise AZ and save the nature. 

Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight.

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